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It is never too early to prepare for hurricane season as hurricanes are a normal phenomenon in Florida. Each year between June lst and November 30th, all residents and visitors need to be prepared for the effects of a hurricane or severe weather. Why not let Mr. Electric help you prepare by designing, permitting and installing equipment for your home or business with emergency generators? We carry top brand names like Square-D, GE, and Seimans for panels and Onan, Kohler and Gellette portable generators. Mr. Electric’s qualified staff will help you beat the hurricane season before it beats you.

  • Meet with the customer and perform site survey and analyze customer requirements
  • Perform load calculations to accommodate customer needs
  • Coordinate with customer an itemized list of items the customer will want to connect to the home standby generator. Calculate connected loads to determine the proper size of the home standby generator
  • Determine if the location where the customer would like the new home standby generator meets local code requirements
  • Examine the customer fuel supply. Is the home generator to be supplied with natural gas, LP gas or diesel?
  • Provide customer with written proposal and site drawing

Important Information When Shopping For A Generator
There are many advantages and disadvantage to different types of generators. Portable generators are great for camping, disaster preparedness emergencies or other backup power needs. The following information on difference fuel sources may be helpful to you as you prepare to ask your questions on our Generator Questionnaire.



• Common fuel source-easily obtained
• Increases portability of smaller generators

• Highly flammable
• Short shelf life (approximately 12 months)
• Storing large quantities is hazardous
• May not be available during power outages
• Expensive


• Long shelf life
• Clean burning
• Easily stored in both large tanks or in smaller 5-10 gallon cylinders
• Obtainable during power outages-gas stations may be unable to pump fuel during an area wide outage
• Home delivery available for larger tanks


• Pressurized cylinder of flammable gas
• Fuel system is more complicated (increased possibility of failure)
• Larger tanks are not aesthetically pleasing (unsightly)
• Fuel system plumbing results in higher installation costs
• Somewhat Expensive

Natural Gas

• Unlimited fuel source-refueling not necessary
• Clean burning
• Available during power outages

• May be unavailable during natural disasters
• Lower power output (30% less BTU’s per unit than gasoline)
• Fuel system plumbing results in higher installation cost
• No available in many areas


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