Commercial Electrical Installations in South Florida

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Our exceedingly trained professionals present a variety of commercial electrical installations & upgrades to fit individual needs to specific layouts, buildings and electrical designs. Our specialists are productively certified in executing any electrical installations and electrical upgrades. These are subject to but not limited to panel upgrades, breaker upgrades, system installations and any hardware updating including fixtures and outlets. With any service, we offer state of the art inspections as well as preventative maintenance to ensure all electrical wiring is working safely, correctly and efficiently. Our company also has the knowledge and training to assist with any property remodels and/or renovations for all commercial buildings and establishments. Our rigorously trained specialists will be able to assist in all things electric including bid specification plan work, preventative maintenance of electrical work, Restaurant construction and or remodeling, design-build electrical services, tenant space construction and or remodeling, installations and repairs of site lighting, valve engineering on existing electrical designs, installations and repairs of any fire alarm systems, as well as repairs, installations and servicing of standby generators and so much more!

Professional Electrical Services in Florida


Commercial New Wiring Installations

Electricians use specialized tools and equipment to perform electrical repairs and troubleshooting. These may include multimeters, circuit testers, wire cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape, and various hand tools. Upgrades can also include the installation of energy-efficient lighting systems, improved power distribution, or the implementation of smart technologies for enhanced control and energy management.

Commercial Electrical Remodels

A successful commercial electrical remodel begins with careful design and planning. This involves assessing the electrical needs of the space, considering energy efficiency, determining load requirements, and developing a comprehensive electrical layout. Collaborating with our licensed electrician or electrical engineer is essential to ensure the design meets safety standards, building codes, and the specific requirements of the commercial building.


Commercial Electrical Lighting Installation

Regular maintenance is essential to keep commercial lighting systems in optimal condition. This includes replacing lamps or bulbs as needed, cleaning fixtures and lenses, inspecting electrical connections, and verifying the proper functioning of lighting controls. Routine maintenance helps prolong the life of the lighting system, ensures optimal performance, and minimizes unexpected issues.

Commercial Lighting LED Upgrades

It is important to plan the lighting design carefully, select suitable fixtures, consider energy efficiency, comply with codes and regulations, and engage professionals for installation and maintenance to achieve optimal results. Commercial buildings typically require emergency lighting systems to ensure occupant safety during power outages or emergencies. Emergency lighting includes exit signs, emergency light fixtures, and backup power systems such as emergency generators or battery backup systems.


Commercial Electrical Repairs & Replacements

Commercial electrical repairs and replacements encompass the process of addressing electrical issues and replacing faulty components in commercial buildings or facilities. These tasks require the expertise of licensed electricians or electrical contractors who specialize in commercial electrical systems. Whether it's troubleshooting a malfunctioning circuit, repairing a damaged electrical panel, or replacing faulty wiring, commercial electrical repairs and replacements are essential for maintaining safety and functionality.

Commercial Electrical Fire Alarms & Exit Lighting

Equally important for safety and regulatory compliance is the exit lighting in your commercial building. Our professional team is proficient in the installation and upkeep of a variety of exit lighting solutions, ensuring that the pathways to emergency exits are well-lit and marked. Whether you're setting up a new commercial space or upgrading an existing one, we can help design and install a code-compliant exit lighting system that enhances the safety of your premises.

Our Electrical Services Are Second To None!

During our electrical services for residential properties, Mr. Electric takes tremendous pride in being a full-service electrical contractor. Our specialists are immensely trained and certified in all electrical phases of troubleshooting, repairs, replacements, OSHA code inspections, installations, designs and any requested or required upgrades. We offer free estimates while using state of the art estimating software for detailed and accurate pricing. Our immeasurable residential electrical services are appliance circuits, breakers and fuses, transformers, track and accent lighting, smoke detectors, surge protectors, exhaust fans, ceiling fan wiring and installations, emergency power transfer switches, electric water heaters, generator installations, home inspections to ensure safety and efficiency, outlets and circuits, and much more!

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Sean Griz

Joanna is the nicest person ever!! With so many electricians out there to choose from, I was very lucky to come across them. They were very clear & direct with what I needed for my repairs & they made the entire process extremely simple.

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Patrick Butler

Mr. Electric is ALWAYS there when I need them. From making a custom generator cable for my home to helping me undo a project gone wrong. Super professional, fair pricing and there when you need them. I won’t use anyone else!

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Robert Mannix

The professionals at Mr. Electric have a Great teamwork approach to finding the best resolution to the issue at hand. They are very practical and efficient.

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