Commercial Electrical Maintenance in South Florida

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At Mr. Electric Inc, we offer our commercial clients incomparable servicing of any electrical needs. We are available 24-7 for any electrical emergencies and have trained our specialists to be nothing short of matchless and efficient. All of our professionals are board certified and extensively trained to be able to accomodate any electrical issue. Specialists at Mr. Electric are boundlessly trained and certified to perform any commercial electrical maintenance, repairs, preventative maintenance and measures to ensure all electrical units in the building structures are performing safely and efficiently. Our professionals have the tools and equipment to handle any structure including restaurants, large scale buildings/dwellings, business offices and much more!

Professional Electrical Services in Florida


Commercial Re-Wiring

Before undertaking a commercial re-wiring project, it is crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of the existing electrical system. This assessment will help identify any outdated or faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, inadequate grounding, or other electrical issues that need to be addressed. Proper planning is essential to determine the scope of the re-wiring project, including the wiring layout, circuit distribution, and electrical load requirements.

Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial buildings often have higher electrical demands compared to residential properties. It is important to calculate the electrical load requirements accurately to determine the appropriate wire sizes, circuit capacities, and distribution panel sizes. This calculation considers factors such as lighting, HVAC systems, office equipment, machinery, and other electrical devices and appliances that will be used in the commercial space.


Commercial Electrical Installations

Thorough testing and inspection should be conducted to ensure the system is functioning properly and meets safety standards. This includes checking for proper grounding, verifying electrical connections, testing circuits and breakers, and ensuring that all electrical devices and outlets are working correctly. It may be necessary to schedule inspections with the local building authority or electrical inspector to obtain the necessary permits and certifications.

Commercial Lighting Installations

Consider the ease of maintenance and serviceability when selecting lighting fixtures and systems. Opt for fixtures with accessible components, such as removable lenses or easy lamp replacement. Additionally, plan for routine maintenance, such as lamp replacement, cleaning, and periodic inspections to ensure the continued functionality and efficiency of the lighting system.


Commercial Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting

Our skilled electricians are trained to identify electrical faults in commercial buildings. These faults can range from power outages, malfunctioning equipment, flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, electrical shocks, or any other issues impacting the electrical system. Troubleshooting involves a systematic approach to isolate and pinpoint the cause of the problem. Safety measures are in place to protect both the electrician and the building occupants during the repair process.

Our Electrical Services Are Second To None!

During our electrical services for residential properties, Mr. Electric takes tremendous pride in being a full-service electrical contractor. Our specialists are immensely trained and certified in all electrical phases of troubleshooting, repairs, replacements, OSHA code inspections, installations, designs and any requested or required upgrades. We offer free estimates while using state of the art estimating software for detailed and accurate pricing. Our immeasurable residential electrical services are appliance circuits, breakers and fuses, transformers, track and accent lighting, smoke detectors, surge protectors, exhaust fans, ceiling fan wiring and installations, emergency power transfer switches, electric water heaters, generator installations, home inspections to ensure safety and efficiency, outlets and circuits, and much more!

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Sean Griz

Joanna is the nicest person ever!! With so many electricians out there to choose from, I was very lucky to come across them. They were very clear & direct with what I needed for my repairs & they made the entire process extremely simple.

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Patrick Butler

Mr. Electric is ALWAYS there when I need them. From making a custom generator cable for my home to helping me undo a project gone wrong. Super professional, fair pricing and there when you need them. I won’t use anyone else!

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Robert Mannix

The professionals at Mr. Electric have a Great teamwork approach to finding the best resolution to the issue at hand. They are very practical and efficient.

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