Residential Electrical Installations in South Florida

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Our thoroughly trained professionals are vastly trained in all OSHA protocols and standards in order to ensure that every electrical wiring is wired correctly and safely to code in residential areas. We offer top of the line electrical inspections and preventative maintenance to guarantee that our clients' electrical wiring and services are done accurately and safely with efficiency on our side. Our specialists are additionally qualified to help determine whether or not any full or partial system replacements are necessary. Mr. Electric Inc. willingly goes above and beyond to make sure all systems are working correctly and will continue to work correctly. These inspections not only save our customers time and money but additionally save them any headaches of possible electrical emergencies or safety hazards.

Professional Electrical Services in Florida


Residential Electrical Inspections & Troubleshooting

We have experience working with fire departments to conduct electrical fire inspections for residential properties. Our electricians will assess your electrical systems, identify potential fire risks, and provide detailed reports to assist fire departments in their fire prevention efforts. We'll help ensure that your electrical systems meet the necessary safety standards and regulatory requirements. We'll identify potential hazards, evaluate compliance with electrical codes, and provide detailed reports.

Residential Electrical Replacements

If your residential appliances or equipment require electrical replacements, we have the expertise to handle the task. Whether it's a faulty motor, control panel, or wiring within the equipment, our electricians will replace the necessary components, ensuring the proper functioning of your essential household equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship in every project we undertake.


Residential Electrical Fire Alarm System Replacements

Our team will assess your current fire alarm system to determine if a replacement is necessary. We'll evaluate its functionality, age, and compliance with the latest fire safety standards. Based on our assessment, we'll design a new fire alarm system that meets your specific needs and adheres to electrical codes and safety regulations. Once the design is finalized, our skilled electricians will handle the installation of the new fire alarm system.

Residential Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Replacements

In bathrooms with separate areas for tasks like applying makeup or shaving, proper task lighting is essential. Our electricians can install task lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces or adjustable vanity lights, to provide focused and bright illumination where you need it most. We'll create a well-lit environment that enhances functionality and eliminates any visual discomfort. We'll ensure that the ambient lighting complements other lighting elements in your bathroom, creating a cohesive and pleasant environment.


Residential Interior & Exterior Light Replacements

If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, we can install or replace lighting fixtures to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. From patio lighting to deck lights and poolside illumination, we'll work with you to design a lighting scheme that suits your specific outdoor entertainment needs. We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your daily life. Our team looks forward to your call!

Residential Electrical Break Box Replacements & Expansions

If you're planning to add new electrical devices or appliances to your home, our team can expand your electrical panel to accommodate the increased power load. We'll assess your power requirements and install additional circuits as needed, ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of electricity throughout your home. We prioritize safety in all our electrical services. Our electricians follow strict safety protocols and adhere to electrical codes and regulations.

Our Electrical Services Are Second To None!

During our electrical services for residential properties, Mr. Electric takes tremendous pride in being a full-service electrical contractor. Our specialists are immensely trained and certified in all electrical phases of troubleshooting, repairs, replacements, OSHA code inspections, installations, designs and any requested or required upgrades. We offer free estimates while using state of the art estimating software for detailed and accurate pricing. Our immeasurable residential electrical services are appliance circuits, breakers and fuses, transformers, track and accent lighting, smoke detectors, surge protectors, exhaust fans, ceiling fan wiring and installations, emergency power transfer switches, electric water heaters, generator installations, home inspections to ensure safety and efficiency, outlets and circuits, and much more!

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Sean Griz

Joanna is the nicest person ever!! With so many electricians out there to choose from, I was very lucky to come across them. They were very clear & direct with what I needed for my repairs & they made the entire process extremely simple.

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Patrick Butler

Mr. Electric is ALWAYS there when I need them. From making a custom generator cable for my home to helping me undo a project gone wrong. Super professional, fair pricing and there when you need them. I won’t use anyone else!

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Robert Mannix

The professionals at Mr. Electric have a Great teamwork approach to finding the best resolution to the issue at hand. They are very practical and efficient.

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